"Intelligence is a knowledge of what things must be done and what must not be done and of what are neither, or a knowledge of what are good things and what are bad and what are neither for a naturally political creature (and they prescribe that is to be so understood with regard to the other virtues); self-restraint is a knowledge of what things are worth choosing and what are worth avoiding and what are neither; justice is a knowledge of apportioning to each its due; bravery is a knowledge of what things are terrible and what are not and what are neither." -Arius Didymus

Thus explained

Wisdom is the knowing what to do, what not to do, and when to abstain from doing anything. It is also knowing good things and bad things and the things which fit neither category. 

Temperance is knowing what to choose and what not to choose and when to choose nothing.

Justice is knowing what to give to whom and how much.

Courage finally is knowledge of what things are actually to be feared and what things just simply look scary. I would also say it knowing when you should reserve judgment on whether to be afraid or not till you have more information.



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