"When your body gets used to simple living, don't preen over it; if you're a water drinker, don't take every opportunity to announce it. If you want to train for physical austerities, do it for yourself, not for outsiders. Don't embrace marble statues; but if you happen to be very thirsty, try taking some cold water in your mouth and spitting it out - and don't tell anyone." - Epictetus

As I train I must remember why I am training, and for whom. This is not about looking better or making a show of myself. I must work on my soul and the way to do that is by keeping to the path without the need to make a big deal of it.

"One begins to lose his hesitation to do unseemly things when one loses his hesitation to speak of them." - Musonius Rufus

When I speak, I should be hesitant to speak of vulgarity and anger. To talk of a need to "beat" another human being. To talk of "sex" as though it is something more than "the rubbing of skin and a spasm" as Marcus put it.  To talk of theft, to talk of cheating others. All of this must stop. Today it must stop. "The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts"- Marcus Aurelius. I must keep this at the forefront of my mind today.