"A student should practice how to expunge from his life sighs and sorrow, grief and disappointment, exclamations like 'poor me' and 'alas'; he should learn what death is, as well as exile, jail and hemlock, so at the end of the day he can say, like Socrates in prison, 'Dear Crito, if it pleases the gods so be it,' -instead of, 'Poor me, an old man - is this what old age held in store for me?' " - Epictetus

How can I know these things that Epictetus speaks of death, exile, jail and hemlock? Through reason and study, through imagination and seeing them in my minds eye. This is the only way I can know as a modern man what was endured in each of these. So what to do with these "lessons"? Apply them, take them in as my own and work towards the freedom that embodies them.


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