"Your shoe size is decided by the size of your feet. Use the same principle when dealing with other things, so you always understand what is right for your needs. Just as you would feel uncomfortable or even fall down when you use the wrong size shoes, so you will stumble if you exceed your limits in other things. Avoid excesses."  - Epictetus

Every day I face a world of excess, value size this, or extra-large that. I should eat when hungry and only to the point of stopping my hunger. When I purchase something I should purchase only what I need and nothing more. The virtue Temperance is at play here. I should drink only to the point that I quench my thirst.

The temptation to hoard, the need to keep my cupboards stocked full of food and then go out to eat. But even more my ambition. To be content with my work and not yearn for more money, a bigger house or a better car. I don't really need more than what I have to be happy. I don't need to purchase the latest gadget when the one I have suits my needs.

Temperance in all things, physical and mental. Want only what is dictated by my needs. To have more is to create a dependency that weighs me down.



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