"We need to master the art of acquiescence. We need to pay attention to our impulses, making sure they do not go unmoderated, that they benefit others, that they're worthy of us. We need to steer clear of desire in any form and not try to avoid what is beyond our control."

Art is not an easy thing to master, years are spent in pursuit. Mindfulness is needed to make sure I do not forget to apply moderation to everything I do. To not slip back into autopilot, to not do what my base nature dictates. To apply reason to anything and everything that it can be applied to. To do this is to make progress. What impulses are worthy of me? Generosity, kindness, modesty, bravery, just to name a few. The last one being rooted in courage. I must face the things that come to me,difficult things, joyous things, unknown things. I must face these with courage and wisdom and justice and moderation.


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