"You should take no action unwillingly, selfishly, uncritically, or with conflicting motives. Do not dress up your thoughts in smart finery: do not be a gabbler or a meddler. Further, let the god that is within you be the champion of the being you are - a male, mature in years, a statesman, a Roman, a ruler: one who has taken his post like a soldier waiting for the Retreat from life to sound, and ready to depart, past the need for any loyal oath or human witness. And see that you keep a cheerful demeanour, and retain your independance of outside help and the peace which others can give. Your duty is to stand straight - not held straight. " -Marcus Aurelius

I should do nothing that I do not consent to do. Nor should I do anything for my own ends only, or without analyzing the reason for the decision. If the motives behind my decisions are at odds, as in my gain would hurt someone else I should not do it. I should also drop the pretense of intelligence by using flowery language. Do not be a gossip or a person who gets in other's business. Let the natural flow of life prove the kind of person I am by example. I should remain vigilant, always ready for my inevitable death. Be kind and don't depend on others constantly to help you out. Stand up straight and don't use anything as a crutch to do so.  


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