"Harm to you cannot subsist in another's directing mind, nor indeed in any turn or change of circumstance. Where, then? In that part of you which judges harm. So no judgment, and all is well. Even if what is closest to it, your own body, is subjected to knife or cautery, or left to suppurate or mortify, even so that faculty in you which judges these things should stay untroubled. That is, it should assess nothing either bad or good which can happen equally to the bad man or the good: because what can happen to a man irrespective of his life's conformity to nature is not of itself either in accordance with nature or contrary to it. " - Marcus Aurelius

What happens to me, is neither good or bad unless I judge it to be so, this goes so far that even if someone attempts to injure me, unless they damage my virtue in some way (which is impossible unless I will it).

Further, if what happens is something that doesnt care about good or bad, a natural disaster, death, disease, anything that afflicts us without regard for social standing or wealth it is to be viewed as neither good nor bad since it is outside those judgments. 


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