"All of us are working on the same project. Some consciously, with understanding; some without knowing it. Some of us work in one way, and some in others. And those who complain and try to obstruct and thwart things - they help as much as anyone. The world needs them as well. 

So make up your mind who you'll choose to work with. The force that directs all things will make good use of you regardless -- will put you on its payroll and set you to work. But make sure it's not the job Chrysippus speaks of: the bad line in the play, put there for laughs." - Marcus Aurelius

For me, this speaks to a need to be actively pursuing something and not be drifting in life. To have a goal or purpose that you choose. Otherwise your goal and purpose will be selected for you.

My goals are what directs me in the grand play that we all take part in. I am a developer, a father and a husband. But I am also "a poor player, that struts and frets his hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more" as Shakespeare put it. So I must act in accordance with the logos and do my best each day. Otherwise I end up as the comic relief. 



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