"Where any work can be done conformably to the reason which is common to gods and men, there we have nothing to fear: for where we are able to get profit by means of the activity which is successful and proceeds according to our constitution, there no harm is to be suspected." - Marcus Aurelius - Meditations

There is nothing to be feared from work that profits us as long as that work does not compromise our virtue. Keep a close eye on this, that the work we do does not compromise in its requirements for adhering to Wisdom, Justice, Courage and Temperance. Nothing should be done in ignorance or without purpose. Nothing should be done that takes from another what is due to them and in turn does not deny them their due. No work should be undertaken in cowardice or satisfied with less than what it should be. Finally work should only do what is necessary. Reject the ideas of perfection and the need to display your expertise through your work beyond what is required to be a craftsman. If your work adheres to these things then you have nothing to fear. If it does not, then new work should be found. 



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