I fear death. For the same reason I fear other things. Poor judgment.

My death is of no consequence to me. I do not need to plan it, because it will come on its own time. I do not need to contemplate its consequences because I will not be here to deal with them. I will be food for the earth, rotting meat or ash. If I have a soul it will move on to other tasks, if I do not then I will not be troubled by anything then. Death is then something to be welcomed and not feared. I must learn to see death as what it is. The final price of an unpaid bounty. 

If I am ill and I am told that death approaches I will not cry and wail. I will see it as what it is. The bill for the past due amount that was taken when I was born.

My family will survive, my wife will move on and find happiness. And I will be none the wise on  all fronts. I will have done all that I was put here to do as long as I have lived according to my virtues. Things will be unfinished, but the only thing that matters will, in death be made whole. 





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