"When we see someone with this degree of consistency, why shouldn't we get the impression of an exceptional talent? especially, as I said, if this greatness is shown to be genuine by its uniformity. Continuity is a stable companion of what is genuine; what is not genuine does not last. Some people take turns being Vatinius and Cato: one moment Curius isn't strict enough for them, Fabricius not poor enough, Tubero not parsimonious enough, not sufficiently satisfied with simple things; the next minute they rival Licinus for his wealth, Apicius for his dinner parties, and Maecenas for his luxuries."
- Lucius Annaeus Seneca -Select Philosophical Letters

Does your study of Stocism ring of authenticity? Are you genuine in your pursuit of being a better person or are you simply flirting with an idea? The books, the journal, the quiet times with pen and ink are they simply show? Why are you doing this, if not to better your soul? You put your thoughts out there, why? So people can read them and think "he is a Stoic" and you can gain a label? You should be doing this for yourself only, you should ignore all the people. You journal in public just as the ancients spoke in the public areas of Rome. Walking and talking to yourself. You do not need their permission and you do not need their approval.




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