"But ignorance of the truth puts everyone in a bad way. They are misled by false report and so rush off towards what they think are good things; then, when they have suffered so much to get them, they see that they are actually bad or empty or less important than they had hoped. The majority of people admire things which deceive from a distance; what the crowd thinks good is the standard of importance for them."

Lucius Annaeus Seneca -Select Philosophical Letters

To remain Stoic in the face of things happening in our nation is the hardest entry I think I will have to make. To allow my faculty of reason to be untouched while emotions run so high with everyone is the truest test of my progress. The above statement by Seneca is the closest I could find to what I see happening. I wish I had the language to be more philosophical but I am actively fighting the war to keep my mind clear of things I cannot possibly control.



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