"The wise person indeed conquers fortune with his virtue, but many who claim to have wisdom have often been terrified by the most trivial threats. Here the fault is our own, since we demand the same thing of a wise person and of a progressor. I am still urging on myself the things which I praise, but I don't yet convince myself about them. Even if I had convinced myself, I would not yet have things in readiness or so thoroughly practiced that they could successfully confront all chance events." -Lucius Annaeus Seneca

I am not ready. My soul still hangs with the dust of life on it. I am progressing towards being a good man but I am not there yet. In fact, I have a long way to go and evermore to walk. I expect when death finds me and I get that cold pat on the back I will still find the journey unfulfilled. So why do it? This, it is better to make any progress towards being good than to languish as a broken character.



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